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Peace and Joy 505

Nov 29, 2019

It’s definitely time for us to do something about Black Friday as a culture and a community so now here’s the beginning of a suggestion and something to help us cope

Nov 12, 2019

hey this podcast is about something I’m not very good at being patient and it’s sort of a comment on that in time you can find more about this topic on the peace and joy blog which is peace and joy I guess the link would be HTTP://Peace and More on Thursdays podcast and in the blog...

Nov 8, 2019

This fine Friday podcast includes concepts ranging from Benjamin Franklin‘s first library to Cap’n Crunch and skim milk in honor of 200 blog entries and the national novel writing month this podcast takes a look at a very brief history of library some quirks in the new decimal system and other adventures Join us...

Nov 5, 2019

This episode is a letter from me to my 15-year-old self including some humorous insights and lessons is a good thing for people to try every now and then to look back with gratitude and attitude so to speak listen and enjoy you can read more of the letter at peace and joy 819.