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Peace and Joy 505

Mar 2, 2023

This episode  takes a creative  glance  at today’s hot topic—AI. We also throw in some “AI” read poetry and  we shout out for a couple of community. Culture creators that will be featured soon ..  We promo a great storyteller. Pearce who can be found. On Spotify by searching true life of P and Duende  a musical...

Feb 13, 2023

This episode asks us to become aware  of things that can catch a breeze and rise above…yes your spirit (and kites).  Of course strings are part of the flying and  so pondering what strings we choose and who holds them and why.  

Jan 13, 2023

This  episode explores why resolutions are so hard to start/complete and using math as a metaphor we have some hacks (Yes Real Math Hacks) that you or your kids should have been taught ..but it’s not too late This  opens a three part series on learning to fear math, life change, and seeking peace and joy far less.  ...

Jan 1, 2023

Kicking ofthe nw year  with a positive message about. The need for “love”  (Learning Observations, Values, and Exploration  Maybe  this view is all the seeking peace and joy universe. Needs for a New Year’s Resolution… time will tell